Practice Management – Simplified

What does Clio do?

Clio is a web-based legal practice management system. Functionality includes:

  • time tracking
  • billing
  • calendars + diarizing
  • task management
  • matter management
  • document management + automation
  • conflict checking
  • contacts 
  • practice reporting
  • secure collaboration 

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How Does Clio Work?

Clio is secure, web-based software. It is always up to date and accessible through a user's web browser. For mobile users, Clio is also accessible through native iPhone and Android apps. Clio offers integrations with leading accounting, document management, email, and legal research platforms. 


Why Use Clio?

While small firms offer an opportunity to live and practice law on your own terms, balancing billable work with the administrative costs of running a small business is challenging. Clio allows lawyers to reduce their administrative overhead and match their practice with their lifestyle. On average, Clio saves lawyers 8 hours per week. That's one whole work day.


How Much does Clio Cost?

Clio offers pricing at three levels according to the technical requirements of the firm. The costs are based on a per-user model. As your firm grows or shrinks, your costs adjust. Although Clio is a Vancouver-based business, the following pricing is in US dollars:

  1. Starter ($39/month) - All the basics
  2. Boutique ($59/month) - Customization and integrations with accounting platforms
  3. Elite ($99/month) - Integration with Court Calendaring Rules (for US lawyers)

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How I can Help

As a Clio Certified Consultant, I work with lawyers to help them understand how their practice can benefit from Clio. I also work with firms for on-site training and implementation. Let's get started.