Leaving a Big Law Firm?

You have your reasons. There are plenty to choose from. If you are planning your departure from a big law firm or have already started the move, there is lots to do.

Leaving the confines of a large firm raises a number of questions for your new business. Do you want to practice full-time? Do you plan on having an office? Staff? How much do you need to earn? What kind of clients do you actually want to have?

Your answers will determine how to move forward in terms of implementing your business. The business of law includes accounting, IT, and marketing, all previously bundled within the big law infrastructure. The good news is that all of these pieces can be tuned to meet your changing needs. Law firm overhead will vary as much as the personalities within the profession. You can run your firm from the local coffee shop, from your kitchen table, from a sail boat, or from office space that you share with others. To make it happen, you will need some help reviewing your options and integrating the various components of the business.  I can help.

How I Can Help

I help set-up new law firms. This means working with sole-practitioners and small firms to implement legal technology. I work primarily with Clio, a web-based practice management system developed in Vancouver. I receive referral fees from Clio, allowing me to offer free consultations and strategic advice. It can be as easy as kicking the tires on a free 30 day Clio trial to see if it might work for you.

I also offer additional project-based services for on-site implementation of legal technology.

Let me show you how Clio works in practice for a BC lawyer. As a lawyer myself, practising business law with Small Law Corporation, I know the business. Just use the form below to get started. Or pick up the phone and give me a call.

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